Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Red factor Sun Conures

Red Factor Sun Conures

Red Sun conures, Pyro and Sunkiss, in the car... (above)
Red Sun INFO:
Red Factor Sun Conures, also known as 'Single Factor Sun Conures', originated in Hawaii (though sun conures are native to South America).
Sun Conures get 12-15 inches in length and weigh 100-120 grams.
They eat insects, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc.
It is usually good to feed a pellet based diet. A diet of only seeds can easily make a sun conure over weight and malnutritioned -this can make them more susceptible to disease, sickness, shortened life-span, and poor feather development.

Flighted Parrots

Video #2 with a harness
(*Note: you could fly your parrots inside a gym area if outside seems too risky)
It is much healthier for a bird/parrot to have their flight feathers. Clipping their wings is like handicapping your beloved pet because of fears and ignorance. "Flighted parrots get more exercise in 5 minutes than parrots with clipped wings get all day"- Dr. Hartman.
Parrots like sun conures, are very intelligent birds, so if you do have parrot that is flighted educate them.
-Take them to all windows and let them see that they cannot go through them
-Where ever you might have a fear of your parrot getting hurt take them there
A plus to having flighted parrots is that they can fly to their cage or perch to go potty and fly back to you. (I'll post an informative video how to potty train)

Babies, like the ones below, are mostly red-orange and green in color. The yellow color usually appears on their bodies as they grow older and after their first molt. A true 'Red Factor' sun conure should have reddish coloring on the top of its head.

Normal Sun Conure and Normal sun conure Chicks below, see the difference?


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  4. so................ my sun use to be very nice she still is. it is just that now when ever i walk in the room she squakes non stop, she won't step up from her cage, lastly she is scared of bathes (water) and human food. what should i do how do i get her to over come her fear!?

  5. This is a new red factor sun conure group on Facebook

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