Friday, June 3, 2011

How to tell if your bird is going to lay an egg :) ?

Sunkiss below is a single factor, red factor sun conure and she is about to lay an egg!

Notice the big round egg looking bottom of the bird, and the wings are held slightly down. Sunkiss always holds her wings lower when she is about to lay, maybe its the discomfort of having such a large egg in a small space.

(Here is a tip video on how to get your parrot to stop biting for anyone who is struggling. Its not my video, but I occasionally get asked about the subject. So here you go )


  1. Do you got there chick? If yes can you show me there chick picture I want to know they will red factor like parent or not. ^^

  2. The eggs did not hatch :/ so no chicks yet, we are still hopeful for the future, but all the chicks should be red like their parents if we ever get fertile eggs. I've heard they do not produce normal looking sun conures when you have a pair of single factor red sun conures, 100% of the young display red.